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Dr. Schulze’s – American Botanical Pharmacy – 5-Day Liver Detox

Dr. Schulze’s – American Botanical Pharmacy – 5-Day Liver Detox

American Botanical Pharmacy logoAs many of you know I’m a HUGE advocate of the cleansing and detoxification process as it’s an important step in maintaining optimal energetic health and vitality and a significant step in the healing journey. One of my favorite Liver Detox cleanses is Dr. Schulze’s 5-day Liver Detox which can be purchased at I’ve been using Dr. Schulze’s detox/cleanses and herbal products for over 10 years and they have been integral in supporting my natural healing of a pre-cancerous condition. I do a Liver Detox cleanse at least twice a year, once in the spring and next in the fall. Many people ask me what do you get out of or how do you feel after a detox? My response is, It really varies depending on the type of detox/cleanse; with the Dr. Schulze’s 5-day Liver Detox  I feel the following personal health benefits:

  • More energy
  • Increased clarity of thinking
  • No afternoon crash after lunch
  • Feel lighter (lost about 3-4 pounds)
  • Get’s me back on track for eating a very healthy diet
  • Most importantly it increases my bodies pH alkalinity to an optimal 7.5pH

A liver detox is important because your liver is one of the largest organs in your body and has some of the most important bodily functions like transporting nutrient/mineral rich blood to the bodies cells, eliminates environmental and food toxins, improves the bodies pH and so much more. Why is improving the bodies pH so important you ask? Because disease cannot exist in alkalinity, disease requires an acidic host environment to exist, proliferate and grow. Don’t let your body be a “disease host”, it’s important to personally take responsibility for your health, educate yourself and get the facts.

I highly recommend this liver detox, for more product information visit Dr. Schulze’s 5-day Liver Detox.

If you have personally experienced the benefits with Dr. Schulze’s Liver Detox I would love to get your comments to this blog.

To your health and wellness,
Jennifer Dickens
Whole Life Marketing

Jennifer Dickens

  • Kurt/ 22.10.2014Reply

    Hey Jennifer!

    Could you please help me in getting this product to Australia?
    It seems as though derivering to Australia is not an option in the list provided on the website.

    Your assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thank you,

    • Jennifer Dickens/ 10.11.2014Reply

      Hi Kurt, thank you for reaching out. Have you attempted calling or emailing the company inquiring how it might be possible to get products to Australia? They may just need to know that the interest is there in your country for Dr. Schulze’s products. His products are wonderful and I know there are some countries they don’t ship too but I’m not sure why they wouldn’t ship to Australia? I’ll put in a word for you with management to try to help your cause. Good luck and be well, Jennifer

  • Eureka Wellness/ 13.01.2015Reply

    Hi guys,

    I studied under Dr. Shulze and his teacher as well. I moved to Australia and I make his products and sell them here. All the heart, colon, liver and kidney are the same with the same amount of herbs. Some are little different providing what I can get here. Check it out at Be sure to contact me there also for any questions.

    • Jennifer Dickens/ 31.03.2015Reply

      Thank you Stephen for information on your site an products. We’ll be sure to check it out. Wishing you all the best and great to see Dr. Schulze and Dr. Bernard Jensen students are out there making a difference in the world. All the best, Jennifer

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