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Unmanaged stress is the greatest THREAT to high performance companies!

High performance leaders have discovered how to manage stress so they can inspire, empower, and engage their people to want to achieve and enhance their performance on an ongoing basis.


These leaders are willing to first transform themselves, so they can reach out to their team with more awareness, authenticity, integrity, and empathy to deliver improvements in productivity, collaboration, and engagement.


As a business owner or manager your team will look to you for leadership, support and direction. It’s important to do that with composure and resilience and provide resources to your organization to help them develop these skills during these unprecedented times.

Organizational Stress Management Training

Imagine empowering yourself with greater awareness, deeper intuition, stronger concentration, harmonious relationships, greater resilience, and a more optimistic outlook on life.


Imagine knowing what’s going on and how to best respond when your team is reacting with anger or criticism.


Your insight into their fight and flight reactions and how they may trigger yours gives you a more effective approach to handle the situation with compassion, inner ease and empathy, so you can change behavior, not just avoid it.

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Here's How it Works

We work with business and healthcare leaders to empower them to shift between low performance and high performance states, especially during periods of high stress when the stakes are high.

To stop stress from negatively impacting your corporate culture and implement change that results in leaders that are calmer, more engaged, focused and productive.

To create the transformation you’re seeking with a cutting-edge neuroscience based Resilience Training program to help you achieve extraordinary results.

Leveraging Evidence Based Science

Leveraging neuroscience and evidence-based skills and practices from the fields of neurology and mindfulness, that HeartMath Institute has developed that deliver results.

Incorporate cutting edge brain-heart coherence science, scientifically and clinically tested and proven by HeartMath Institute.

We help you unlock your resilience to diffuse situations and change habits and behaviors that could be negatively impacting engagement at work.

Support you in being a leader with unmatched performance, the one with a reputation for staying even minded and generating innovative results.

The process is science-based so you can have greater trust in the process which allows you to engage fully with less resistance.

HeartMath Institute’s long years of scientific research and clinical trials have helped improve thousands of people’s lives worldwide. Whether you, a friend, or loved one is seeking help for job stress, anxiety, fatigue, sleeplessness or another stressful condition, you will find proven, easy-to-use science-based solutions. Delivered in hundreds of organizations to thousands of leaders and employees, their heart-coherence approach has transformed organizational cultures, achieving significant improvements in:

Reducing workplace stress, anxiety, overwhelm, fatigue, burnout, sleeplessness, and improving energy management

Self-Regulation Stress Management

Shift from Fear to Inner Ease

Focus, Clarity & Resilience

Coherent Cultures Embodying Team Synergy

Inviting Intuitive Decision-Making

Effective Communication

Awakening Innovation

Building resilience capacity strengthens your organization
Building personal resilience
HeartMath Skills for personal effectiveness

Unlock a more joyful, peaceful,
and confident you!


HeartMath Inner Balance Coherence Plus
Sensor + App


Heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback helps you access a healthy and high-performance state called heart coherencewhich balances your mind and emotions. This helps prevent stress and clears your thinking for more effective choices.


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Our Clients

One of our missions at Whole Life Marketing is to empower people at work and in their personal lives to live a healthy and fulfilling life. A business owner for 10-years and HeartMath Certified Coach/Mentor, Jennifer Dickens has the qualifications and expertise to support organizations in wellness and performance improvement initiatives.

  • We coach leadership and teams in simple, practical, evidence-based tools to manage the stress response in the moment, and create a collaborative, and innovative team environment.
  • A strikingly different culture of genuine care,  individuals build resilience and respond in new ways to change and emotional challenges with more presence, flow, flexibility and connection.
  • Valuable best practices developed over 20-years at the HeartMath Institute to sustain engagement and achieve cultural shifts.
  • Return on investment with measurable outcomes improvements in communication, teamwork, employee satisfaction, staff retention, reductions in sick time, and health care claims costs.

Our program can easily integrate with existing wellness and performance improvement initiatives or stand alone.


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