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5 Questions Business Owners Should Answer

5 Questions Business Owners Should Answer

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This is a great time of year to start looking at what has been working in your business in 2016 and what improvements you can start planning and budgeting for in the New Year. Summer tends to be a slower time of year for business, but for business owners there is plenty to do. One of the most important things you can do is Stop, Analyze, Assess, Correct and Optimize. Start by answering these 5 simple questions about your business.

5 Question Checklist to evaluate your business

  1. Is my business growing or shrinking?
  2. If my business is growing do I know “Why?”

Examples… more customer referrals, investing more in marketing/sales, successful campaign results, distributors getting products into stores, etc.

  1. If my business is shrinking do I know “Why?”

Examples… increased competition, less visibility, unsuccessful sales/marketing campaigns, you don’t know because you’re not analyzing the data.

  1. What can I do to grow my business in 2017?
  2. What is my plan?

These simple high-level questions are good to answer to get the pulse of where things stand in your business so you can turnaround and improve results when planning and budgeting for 2017.

Many of our customers ask, “How can Whole Life Marketing help us in this process?” We can help by doing a Business, Sales and Marketing Audit. Businesses often fail because owners are unaware of the many elements that can prevent the business from growing and being successful. Often, businesses are organized around the owner’s specific area of expertise, such as health practitioner, inventor or entrepreneur. This specialized expertise often prevents the business owner from recognizing problems that may arise in other parts of the business.

Retain Whole Life Marketing to help you identify the pitfalls in your business so you can eliminate what’s not working and develop a new Business, Sales and Marketing strategy in 2017 to help you develop results. Contact us now to get a FREE ½ hour consultation.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

“Jennifer was instrumental in preparing our marketing strategy. Her knowledge of the Health & Wellness market is vast. Jennifer was organized, efficient, delivered on time and a real pleasure to work with.”

Reuven Jacob
CEO at

Allow Whole Life Marketing to help you grow your integrative wellness, holistic health or alternative wellness business organically in 2017. We are part of your success team.


To your success. Be well,
Jennifer Dickens – CEO
Whole Life Marketing

Our business grows through referrals; please share Whole Life Marketing with your colleagues. 


Jennifer Dickens

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