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As an entrepreneur, business owner, or team leader, do you have higher conscious values you would like to incorporate into your organization?


Do you dream of having a high performing team with minimal office drama?


Imagine having an efficient team who know how to self moderate their words and emotions, have effective communication skills, and an organization running with ease and grace.


Hi, my name is Jennifer Dickens, founder of Whole Life Marketing (WLM) . For 10-years, I having run WLM as a conscious business treating all team members with care, consideration and compassion. Most, if not all members have been part of our success team for over 7-years, successfully helping our clients grow and prosper.

Prior to founding Whole Life Marketing, I worked at conscious run organizations where I learned some of the skills I have implemented at WLM. Being a yogi, meditation teacher, and Building Personal Resilience for Effectiveness coach, I excel at coaching business owners and managers how to create, run, and operate conscious and harmonies run business, where members of your organization are committed to your vision, deeply connected to the mission, and feel empowered with the personal effectiveness skills required to be a successful team member of your well run organization.


Coaching sessions include:

  • Identifying leadership and management organizational conscious goals
  • Incorporating these goals into corporate team vision/mission statement
  • Organizational and individual assessment
  • Building Personal Resilience & Effectiveness training
  • Training workbooks
  • Inner Balance or EmWave monitors for PC or mobile devices
  • Inner Balance app download
  • Team monitoring and coaching
  • Management reporting

Additional Whole Life Marketing Services include:

Business plan development

Marketing plan development


Success is when opportunity and preparedness meet. Are you ready for marketing with measurable results? 

Learn how to develop your Conscious Business today.