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Have you been in business for a while and just not getting the revenue results or type of clients/customers you want?


Have you tried advertising and marketing with little success?


Are you throwing money at marketing with no real plan?


It’s time to re-evaluate your business marketing and have a Whole Life Marketing expert advisor review your current marketing tactics to optimize your results and increase revenue. There are a number of programs and plans to fit your marketing budget. One-on-one consultations take place either on the telephone or in-person. This meeting is an intimate process through which we clarify your past and present efforts (vision statements, marketing materials, events, community outreach, media exposure, articles and press releases) and establish recommendations, tools and resources to move your business towards abundant success.


Consulting sessions include:

  • Evaluate past efforts
  • Connect to source and clarify vision
  • Identify audience
  • Define “Your story”
  • Soulful marketing materials
  • Internet and social media strategies
  • Alliances and partnerships
  • Media and public relations
  • Create your abundant presence (local and global community)

Additional Whole Life Marketing Services include:

Business plan development

Marketing plan development


Success is when opportunity and preparedness meet. Are you ready for marketing with measurable results? 

See how easy it is to begin your journey to abundant success.