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Marketing Tools for the Healing Arts and Green Business!


What We Recommend

Our philosophy is that healing arts marketing should be easy. Busy practitioners and business owners can create an environment of growth and education by systemizing their marketing, and ensuring clients and prospects are contacted on a consistent basis without the day-to-day involvement of the practitioner.

The books below teach you how to successfully create a purposeful vision for your life and business and implement proven marketing tactics to create a highly profitable, fulfilling businesses.



Purposeful Vision bookIf seeing is believing, then every day you can be aware of your true purpose and passion in life. You have an imagination; therefore you have a vision. You can literally see your future and how you want it to be—the dreams you want to pursue and the feelings they arouse within you—when you are truly connected to your vision. Imagination is nothing more than visual images that allow you to see, in your mind’s eye, everything inside of you that is wanting, waiting, and yearning to be set free.

“Purposeful Vision makes an indispensable personal bedside companion and a great gift for anyone.” – Canson – Amazon 5 Star Review

When you take action based on faith and conviction toward your purpose, you can see and feel it in the very core of your being. You are driven to excel with confidence! The freedom you feel comes from expressing yourself in the unique and profound way that you find welling up within you. This is what you were born to do! You are constantly receiving inner guidance, feelings, and intuition about your possible future. It simply happens that way. If only you could harness and understand the true meaning, power, and source of all of these feelings that constantly want to propel you forward.




The Science of Spiritual Marketing book author Andrea AdlerThe Science of Spiritual Marketing takes the reader through an initiation that unfolds step by step. From exposing the Root Chakra of PR, to sourcing the Three Stages of Creativity, to discovering the muscle of Network Science, Andrea introduces marketing concepts never before expressed. At the same time, she removes the mystery of marketing, expressing her methodology and its hands-on applications to a new level of understanding and cohesiveness. Participants begin to explore a new approach to marketing themselves and their ideas, products, and services through a new set of visual and mental lenses.

“The Science of Spiritual Marketing is not only inspiring, stimulating, insightful, profound, educative, and eminently practical with doable exercises and advice, but entertaining and fun to read. Andrea Adler presents marketing and business development as a spiritual experience, opening internal doors to brilliance. This is a book to read, hold, savor, and read again. It’s a book to use for bibliomancy. This book is not written just for marketers; it applies to issues of aspiring entrepreneurs of all kinds.




Creating an Abundant Practice book by Andrea AdlerGetting clients, keeping clients. Most holistic practitioners and healing centers are doing magnificent work, yet no one knows what they do or where they are located… Finally, a book on how to spread the word– that speaks to the heart of the practitioner. Holistic practitioners will discover how to: Come from place of fearlessness and integrity; cultivate strategic alliances; experience selling as a divine practice; charge without guilt; create simple no-cost ways to promote your practice; save five years by doing it the right way; and design the practice of your dreams. Andrea Adler’s passion and expertise is captured in Creating an Abundant Practice. Her twenty-five years coaching, consulting, and presenting workshops, culminates magnificently in this easy-to-read, heart-warming guidebook for practitioners, healing centers, schools and professional associations.