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Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Today!

Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Today!

Google search seo imageI wanted to share valuable insights I received this week from a new friend who’s a product manager at  I picked his brain for a half hour asking questions about what’s really important to Google and how to help my clients rank better within their #1 and #2 search engines ( and

He expressed that for Google the “user experience” is the #1 attribute and as most search engine marketers know, Google is always evolving and changing to better meet their users search needs. Many of the search engine attributes a website needed to rank well in the past are being replaced with new website attributes.

Following is his Top 11 list items Google search is viewing in websites at this time.

  1. Speed of website, need to have fast servers with page load times of 5 seconds or less.
  2. Websites need to be up, minimal down time.
  3. URL Structure with good titles (70 characters).
  4. Meta-descriptions optimized (160 characters).
  5. All website pages are indexed (site-map submitted).
  6. How visitors are using the site. Are visitors navigating through pages, product purchases being made, submitting comments or reviews, interacting with the website in some way? Visitor site use is becoming more and more important.
  7. Critical to keep bounce rate low.
  8. Good links from reputable source websites.
  9. Product reviews on website with rich snippets (allowing for reviewer picture).
  10. Use of onsite video’s.
  11. Use of blogs on websites.

If you are a health and wellness professional and you have not implemented some of these attributes into your website or are not familiar with some of these attributes we would be happy to support you in understanding these attributes and how we may help you in optimizing your websites visibility in not only but with and other search engines.

Our goal is to help you reach more people with your products/services as well as help you sell more products/services to the new visitors to your website. Please contact me to schedule a free ½ hour consultation to discuss your specific needs.

With abundant health and prosperity,

Jennifer Dickens
Whole Life Marketing

Jennifer Dickens

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