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Finding Peace and Serenity in The City of Angels!

Finding Peace and Serenity in The City of Angels!

Los Angeles is a metropolis of lights and action with sensory stimulation all around. With never a dull moment you can always find something to do to keep yourself occupied and entertained. There are not too many places to find peace and solace in the “City of Angels” where you can just “BE”, connect with nature, find peace and serenity. Typically you have to get out into the countryside to find this serenity.

There is a place I’ve found this peace and serenity where I can just BE that’s I’d like to suggest to those of you who may be looking for the same, it is Self-Realizations Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades. A nice walk and meditation in the beautifully landscaped grounds makes for a joyful afternoon. And if you’re interested you may want to check out group meditation or Sunday non-denominational spiritual service. Check them out for yourself at For other beautiful locations and retreats around the US and internationally check out

Lake Shrine Pacific Palisades

To your spiritual wellness,


Jennifer Dickens

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