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2012 Health & Wellness Marketing Plan

2012 Health & Wellness Marketing Plan

New Year 2012Happy New Year and wishing you all abundance in this year of the Dragon, a year with the “end of the Mayan calendar” and a year continuing to be filled with global change and transformation! Is 2012 truly the beginning of a new era?

  • Maybe the beginning of a peaceful world?
  • A healthy world?
  • An enlightened world?

Nobody knows for sure.

  • What will 2012 behold you?
  • What is your contribution to the world?
  • Your contribution to peace, health and vitality?
  • What is your plan to positively reach more people with your healing work, products, services and education?

Well it all starts with YOU and a PLAN!

Without a well thought through and prepared plan you can’t get from point A, where you are now, to point B, where you want to be! This is especially true for your health and wellness business or practice. If you’re a healing practitioner, naturopathic or integrative medicine university, herbal supplement company or non-profit alternative health organization and you haven’t already put your 2012 Marketing Plan in place then it’s time to get busy and get started on it before the end of January. Make an impact in this transformative year, be prepared, have a plan and then take action.

There are those who would argue one doesn’t need a plan, to just let the Universe provide. My counter argument is the more clarity you have about what it is you’re causing, it’s in writing, and then focus your intentions; then the Universe will provide you based on your clear intentions. It may not happen exactly as you would image or exactly as planned but your outcome will more closely match what you’ve clearly intended.

At Whole Life Marketing we encourage you to think through the following:

  • How can I be an impactful part of the 2012 movement for peace, health and vitality?
  • What is my plan to reach people by holding workshops, seminars, tele-seminars and exhibiting at conferences?
  • How will I reach people on the web through my website, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and internet marketing through targeted advertising, social media on my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube pages?
  • Should I hold webinars?
  • Create a holistic chamber of commerce chapter in my area?
  • Create a Meet-up group?
  • Should I get into magazines, radio, and television through public relation campaigns?
  • Maybe I should start a local, regional holistic wellness movement or cause?
  • How will I enroll people in what I’m trying to cause or create?

These should be questions you’ve asked yourself and are finding answers to.

At Whole Life Marketing our purpose is to create a healthier world and we ask ourselves these questions everyday in meditations and our answers and clients come to us through our purposeful intention of “Creating a Healthier World by supporting practitioners, companies, universities and non-profits in reaching more people with their healing modality, products, services and education.” It would be our honor in supporting you create an innovative and robust 2012 Marketing Plan to empower you in reaching your purposeful goals and objectives. We know that rising tides lift all ships and want to be part of your success.

Please contact us to learn how we may be of service in supporting your success in 2012 and years to come.

Be a part of the movement!
Contribute to the transformation!
Trust that you are always provided for in abundance!

Peace and blessings,

Jennifer Dickens
Whole Life Marketing

Jennifer Dickens

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