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Happy New Years 2012

Happy New Years 2012

New Year 2012Happy New Year to you and wishing you abundant peace, health and conscious growth in 2012. Whole Life Marketing ends 2011 busier than ever supporting supplement companies, natural wellness universities and healing practitioners in redeveloping their websites, improving their search engine optimization, integrating social media into their marketing efforts, launching their email marketing campaigns and reaching more patients and clients than ever with their natural and holistic health and wellness education, services and products.

With our deepest gratitude, we thank our clients for their trust and belief in our services and most importantly in our people, capabilities and resources; we couldn’t have gotten to where we are today without you. Our team at Whole Life Marketing looks forward to our ongoing relationship and continuing to support you in reaching more people with your health and wellness education, products, services and programs.

We are feeling the healing market demand expand and grow and more than ever people around the world are embracing natural healing, holistic wellness and supporting the body’s immune system with organic whole food and supplements more than ever before. This expansion in consciousness excites us and provides hope for a healing future and healthier world.

In 2012 Whole Life Marketing intends to support thousands more people in their healing journey, we do this by attracting health and wellness organizations, institutions, corporations and universities who are looking to grow, expand and touch more people in a healing way. Please help us in our quest! If you know an organization or company who can benefit from our internet, new media and traditional health and wellness marketing services we openly and appreciatively accept referrals. We’ll even reward you for it… Click here to learn more

We hope that 2012 will be a safer, peaceful, healthier world where people are kind and loving to one another. Where governments and religious organizations whole heartedly work toward world peace; corporations support improving the global economy and those who can afford to give, help those less fortunate. If we all do a little something positive, loving and healing every day, we take a huge step forward in improving human kind and creating harmony and balance with our environment and mother earth. My New Year’s resolution is to do something loving, healing and kind every day. Please let us know what your New Year’s resolution is?

To your health and wellness,
Jennifer Dickens

Jennifer Dickens

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