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Cancer Control Society Convention

Cancer Control Society Convention

This weekend I attended the 39th Annual Cancer Control Society Convention at the Sheraton Universal in Los Angeles. It was my first time attending this conference and I was really impressed by the quality of medical doctors and published writers speaking on the topic of alternative and integrative medical strategies in treating cancer and degenerative disease. There were educational talks on alternative and integrative therapies that have been around for over 40 years like Gerson and Laetrile as well as breakthrough therapies by Dr. Burzynski. I found the doctors to be coming from the heart and willing to share their scientific and medical research and expertise. Each speaker had a ½ hour to discuss their healing modality and medical protocol which just didn’t seem like enough time. It is encouraging to know that there were 3 full days of these half hour talks yet there were plenty of doctors who didn’t get to share their expertise this year because there wasn’t enough time in the program.

It’s comforting to know that there are so many effective ways to treat cancer naturally, alternatively or integrative. My favorite talk was by Charlotte Gerson speaking about the Gerson Therapy her father Max Gerson, MD developed. She brought up a cured melanoma patient who was recently healed using the Gerson Therapy to share his story and experience with his life-threatening cancer diagnosis and how he was able to heal himself.

Attending this event were many cancer patients from those recently diagnosed to those currently undergoing chemotherapy to those healed through alternative treatments of the disease. I had a chance to speak with two women recently diagnosed with breast cancer and two men with prostate cancer. All of them were very open to learning about alternative methods of treatment and one of the gentleman who was 70 years old from Newport Beach was already on the Gerson Therapy program for his prostate cancer. It was so nice to see that both men had their supportive loving wives with them. I had a chance to share some medical referrals and healing insights I had learned on my healing journey with the ladies with breast cancer and they were very appreciate and eager to listen. It felt really good to shed some hope and encouragement with all the people I met at the conference.

In addition to the quality speakers there was an exhibitor area for attendee’s to learn more from the speakers, ask questions and schedule consultations with these medical doctors and clinics. Also exhibiting were natural health supplement companies displaying and selling their products and services which support cancer patients in their healing journey. One could spend a whole day talking to the exhibitors to learn about their products and services supporting cancer treatment. Of course I couldn’t resist picking up a few products, books and an eye opening documentary film.

One of the documentary films shown at the conference was recently released “Cut, Poison and Burn”, a MUST SEE film for anyone with cancer or trying to prevent cancer.

Watching this movie also reminded me that it’s up to Americans to stand for their Health Freedom Rights and that we need to write, email and call or senators, congressman and elected officials because they are representing us the Americans within their jurisdiction. To learn how you can support YOUR Health Freedom Rights please visit the following websites for resource information and actionable items.

We would love to hear from you about your experience at the Cancer Control Society conference or what actionable steps you’ve taken towards YOUR Health Freedom Rights.

To your health and wellness,

Jennifer Dickens
Whole Life Marketing

Jennifer Dickens

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