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American Food Safety

American Food Safety

I just saw a movie this weekend that I was deeply angered by and feel compelled to share. I’ve seen a couple of movies in the last year which shed light on the American farming blight, food production system and how our government “protects” or “doesn’t protect” the public health and food safety. The reason I’m angered is because if “We Are What We Eat” and we don’t know what we are eating because products and produce are not properly labeled, then there is a good chance that everything we are eating has chemicals, pesticides, toxins and are genetically modified. Advancements in science and technology is not always a good thing and when it is used unregulated or untested then society, our children and not rats in a test environment become the guinea pigs. Our government has all Americans in the largest genetic experiment in history, without our permission!

Please watch the movie to educate yourself on what is really going on with our food supply in this country and why most of Europe, Japan and other global leading countries do not want American seed or grain because it contaminates their natural crops. If it’s not good enough for leading countries around the world then why is it good enough for Americans.

I’ve always said that it’s up to us to take care of our own health and apparently that includes knowing exactly what we are eating. How we can “Be The Change” is simple – eat organic, support local farmers and minimize eating processed foods. Where you spend your hard earned American dollars will make the message loud and clear to our government and large greedy corporations like Monsanto who are polluting our environment and our citizens.

I’m going to keep this blog short and let the movie speak for itself and let you decide. I appreciate your thoughts and feedback on this movie. Please share this message and movie with others to increase American awareness of this important issue. Click on the Image below to watch the movie!

The Future of Our Food

Jennifer Dickens

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