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Weight Loss Natural Detox

Weight Loss Natural Detox

Things are really picking up and it’s been a busy month for Whole Life Marketing. We’ve recently started working with some amazing organizations. First we started supporting Bernard Jensen International with the SEO improvement of their website as well as launching a referral campaign. Then we started working with NY Times best-selling author of “21 Pounds in 21 Days”, Dr. Roni DeLuz, founder of Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat in branding and launching a new Celebrity Detox Diet Retreat

Both these clients have amazing detox programs which brings me to the topic of today’s blog – “Weight Loss Natural Detox”.

I have done many natural and juice detoxes over the past six years and the process of detoxification if followed properly can be very healthy and rejuvenating providing more clarity in thinking, vibrant energy and quick shedding of pounds without feeling hungry. The reason why the body isn’t hungry is because you are supplying it more nutrition in one glass of fresh squeezed fruit or vegetable juice than you do in most meals. Of course making sure to have protein shakes throughout the day is very important as well. The cleansing or detoxification process is important because it purges toxins stored in your organs such as the intestines, colon, liver, pancreas, and kidney’s; it supports creating a strong immune system and get’s the body functioning optimally. An upside benefit for those of us trying to fit into swim trunks or bikini’s in the summer is that a detox is a great way to shed unwanted pounds gained during the winter hibernation months…. I think you all know what I’m talking about.

So I had the great pleasure of doing a 3-week Bernard Jensen cleanse which helped me feel more energetic and focused as well as shed the couple of pounds I wanted before summer. They have a few cleanses you may want to check out at I did the “Internal Cleanse Toolkit #2”, for beginners I suggest the “Internal Cleanse Toolkit #1”. Also, a must read along with the cleanse is Dr. Jensen’s book “Guide to Diet and Detoxification”.

The Martha’s Vineyard Detox Diet– “21 Pounds in 21 Days” developed by Dr. Roni DeLuz is also a great program, one that I will do later this summer since I just finished a cleanse. Her book shows you step by step how to shed the pounds without being hungry. She has been featured on many radio and television shows including Larry King Live, The View, CBS Morning News, ABC News, Extra, E! News, E! TH, The Dr. Pat Show and much more. If you would like to experience this detox in a luxurious spa environment she has a 5-day Celebrity Detox Diet Retreat being held on July 29-Aug. 4th which you can get more information by clicking here The MV Holistic Retreat has been visited by many celebrities and high powered New England executives for weight loss, healing and recovery. MV Holistic Retreat also has intense protocols for very ill patients; they are a tremendous resource for east coast individuals with degenerative diseases. Dr. Roni DeLuz on The View

Another serious illness protocol I’ve worked very closely with over the last year is the Gerson Therapy It is one of the oldest and well known therapies for treatment of serious degenerative diseases and is a juice detox based protocol along with treatment by a naturopathic doctor. I’ve attend their 3-day Gerson Therapy basic training program where I learned how to do the therapy at home and learned so much about optimal health and well being, it’s an affordable program for everyone and especially for individuals looking for alternatives to Western medicine in treating their health challenges. They are a tremendous resource for West Coast patients.

I hope you find these summer detoxification and cleansing resources of great use. To your health and wellness; let us know how we may be of service to your organization.

Be well,

Jennifer Dickens
Whole Life Marketing

Jennifer Dickens

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