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American Health Freedom Rights!

American Health Freedom Rights!

Health Freedom

I’ve been a health advocate my whole life and have in the last few years focused on supporting natural health professionals in expanding consciousness around health, wellness and vitality. During this years Health Freedom Expo in Long Beach California one of the concepts I was exposed to for the first time is our Health Freedom Rights and Global Censorship of Health Information! One of the strongest advocates for American’s Health Freedom Rights is Jonathan W. Emord Esq., a constitutional attorney in Washington D.C. who has won seven cases against the FDA representing farmers, nutraceutical companies as well as the natural health profession. In his book “Global Censorship of Health Information” he discusses the politics of controlling therapeutic information to protect state sponsored drug monopolies, follow the following link to get more information about his book I can’t say enough about how knowledgeable Mr. Emord is about American Health Rights and what is really taking place in Washington D.C., how our representatives are not looking out for our best interests, and how Obama’s new Health Care Act further censors our health information and inhibits our freedom of health choices. Watch this short interview of Jonathan W. Emord.

If we are not happy with the quality of health information and health choices we have available to us it’s up to us to speak out and communicate our concerns with our representatives, we have no one else but ourselves to blame if we don’t voice our opinions and vote for leaders who are there to represent us. I encourage you to visit one of these two sights and do something today to make your voice heard. Additionally, if you want to learn how to take action and stand up for your Health Freedom Rights as an American you should make your voice heard by contacting your congressman or senator. To see draft letters of what to say when you contact your representative follow this link or pick up a copy of his Health Freedom Voter’s Guide which is also located on

Another organization worth looking into the National Health Freedom Coalition whose vision is “a healthy nation, with empowered people, making informed health care decisions.” Their mission is “To promote access to all health care information, services, treatments and products that the people deem beneficial for their own health and survival; to promote legislative reform of the laws impacting the right to access; and to promote the health of the people of this nation.” Visit them at

Please comment or share your Health Freedom Rights resources, the Whole Life Marketing Team and our readers would love to hear from you and learn more.

In next weeks blog I’ll share life saving information about Dirty Electricity and Electromagnetic Radiation.

Jennifer Dickens
Whole Life Marketing
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Jennifer Dickens

  • Jennifer/ 25.04.2011Reply

    I came across two amazing resources today. One is the Natural Health Network at and the other is another resource for more information on our Health Freedom Rights

  • Louise/ 10.05.2011Reply

    Thank you for sharing this vital information. I agree wholeheatedly that the government is overstepping their position to satisfy big business greed at the Emotional, Physical & Financial Expense of Americans!!!

    There is another devastating issue that I would like to share and hopefully everyone will share to bring about awareness before it’s too late!!!
    “What In The World Are They Spraying!”
    Here is the link to You Tube & well worth taking the 1 1/2hr. to watch the whole breathtaking documentary exposé by: Truth Media Productions:

    It’s no wonder the medical, pharmaceutical & chemical industries are getting richer! The environment, air, water, soil, food supply, our health & lives are being destroyed!!! In my eyes this is a weapon of MASS DESTRUCTION!!!

    • admin/ 10.05.2011Reply


      Thank you for your comment, I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. At the Health Freedom Expo which is where I met Jon Emord, there was extensive discussions about Chemtrails and the controversy surrounding what it is they are spraying down on Americans. We really appreciate you sharing your video, I’ll watch it this evening. Thanks and be well,
      Jennifer Dickens

  • More Info/ 22.03.2013Reply

    Hi there mates, its wonderful post regarding cultureand completely explained, keep it up all the time.

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