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The Essence of our Story

The Essence of our Story

Don’t you just love a good story? Good stories stimulate the imagination and allow the mind to explore new worlds and arouse unexpected emotions. Remember a time when you’ve been so enthralled and drawn into a story you couldn’t put down the book; typically what got you engaged were the characters and the life experience “story” that was shared about these characters. The story about our business needs to carry the same weight and create the same impact. Our business story needs to contain a personal, emotional connection for those we want to attract and engage.

There are seven elements that make up an engaging business story:

  1. It starts with a good idea or problem that needs to be solved, or both.
  2. It has a protagonist who has the passion to want to solve the problem.
  3. He or she must find creative ways to resolve the problem.
  4. The story must have broad appeal.
  5. There must be a personal and emotional connection to the audience one wants to attract.
  6. The story should have a strong beginning, middle and end.
  7. There should be an unexpected twist or surprise.

Many times we get so involved in the day to day of our business that we don’t really express who we are, why we do the work we do, what motivates and drives our passion to do this work and what problems and needs our work solves.

Think about businesses you’ve heard of….what was it about their stories that moved you? What caught your attention and compelled you to go to the internet or their website to learn more about them? A recent example of a compelling business story is told in the movie “Social Network” a story about Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, and how Facebook got its start; the twists, turns and surprising stories occurring along the journey. The public was so enthralled and engaged by the business story that the movie became a blockbuster hit being nominated and winning multiple Emmy’s and Oscar’s.

Now take a moment and think about what you want people to experience when they think about your business? What are the feelings you want to evoke? Do you want them to find profound meaning in your offering? Do you want them to be so excited they want to participate in some way? Or maybe they have a good laugh from your wonderful ideas? Make the time to think about this essential foundation to your business.

Secondly, and maybe more importantly, what is the story you want people to share about your business? This story is even more critical than the story we share about our business, because this is where “word of mouth” or “viral marketing” phenomenon begins. In the next blog I’ll discuss how to develop your story and the story you want people to share about your business….creating “word of mouth” marketing.

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Please share with us your business story; we’d love to learn about you and give business owners reading this blog an example of how other companies write their story. Even though I write rich content and business stories for many of my clients, I find it hardest to write about myself, maybe some of you can relate? So hopefully your stories can support other business owners in their writing. Also, share with us some of the most moving business stories which have touched, motivated and inspired you.

To get help writing your business story or figuring out how to start, please contact me at

To your health, wellness and success!

Jennifer Dickens

Jennifer Dickens

  • John Sweet/ 05.05.2011Reply

    Hi Jennifer,
    Here is my story which is very unique and original.
    in 2005 I was watching a National Geographic program on the Discovery channel about crocodiles having the strongest immune system on the planet and have a natural resistance to bacterial infections.
    They tear off each other limbs in fights in fully recover despite living in bacterial infested swamps.

    The scientist involved started testing the serum from the blood and found that it fought off MRSA which is a superbug found in hospitals worldwide which did not exist 50 years ago.

    I contacted him and asked if these strong properties were present in the crocodile fat. He did not know

    Living in South Africa I was able to contact the crododile farms and bought some fat to test it out. I had experience on how to render the fat to a pure oil which I then tested on the villagers to see if it had any healing properties.

    I was amazed to find that the pure oil healed many skin problems from burns, eczema, cuts and insept bites from the reports I received back.

    I then approached a pharmacist who reccomended a herbailst to blend our oil into a natural balm which did not have an odour neither did it need to be kept refridgerated.

    Within a year our product was selling in pharmacies throughout South Africa and is now supplied to hospitals where patients are able to claim back the cost on their medical aid.

    Since then I have distributors in the US, UK and ship worldwide though our website.

    We are still a small company run by myself and my wife, and now have repcillin manufactured in Cape Town by a recognised pharmaceutical company.

    I am in the process of building a new Joomla website and once up would appreciate help on making it SEO accepted.

    Kind regards

    John Sweet
    Founder of Repcillin

  • admin/ 06.05.2011Reply


    Thank you so much for sharing your business story, it’s fascinating, exciting and compels a reader to learn more about this product. I had a chance to check out your website, thank you. It’s great to see you’ve added some video explanations of your product and testimonials from clients.

    I’m happy to help you spread the word about your natural healing product, maybe we can do a Skype call if that works for you?

    To your health and wellness. Be well,
    Jennifer Dickens

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