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Marketing Company for Alternative Health Professionals

Whole Life Marketing (WLM) is a group of coaching and business consulting; marketing, public relations and graphic design professionals with over 70 years combined experience in helping businesses grow, flourish and thrive in their respective markets. The WLM Team has made a commitment to help individuals mindfully expand their consciousness by exposing them to healing modalities which treat the “Whole” body – Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual!

Our purpose is to create a healthier world by empowering natural health practitioners with the skills to promote complementary and alternative health modalities” – Jennifer Dickens 

Each individual in the WLM Team is on their own personal healing journey and knows firsthand the benefits of natural healing. The Team is committed to help practitioners grow and reach more clients with their healing modality.

With their background and experience helping large corporations grow they bring this valuable skill set to alternative health professionals. The WLM team has spent countless hours researching and applying business and marketing principles to the alternative health profession to determine the most effective cost-efficient ways for practitioners to promote and run their practices. Their goal is to help you connect with your higher purpose to authentically communicate your healing gifts, grow your practice, create abundance and prosperity and support you in creating a healthy world. This is their purposeful work and journey.

The WLM team is passionate about mindfully expanding consciousness in holistic health, complementary alternative medicine and alternative therapies, the healing arts, and those interested in integrating these modalities with Western medicine. Every step and action they take at Whole Life Marketing takes them further on their journey towards achieving this purpose.

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